Thursday, February 25, 2010

Estimation in the Real World

project done by Jun Hong 1-09 on Tipping !
project done by Stacey 1-09 on SARS

project done by Si Yuan 1-09 on SARS

project done by Jonan 1-09 on Environmental Awareness

project done by Michelle 1-09 on NEWater

project done by Hardy 1-09 on Tipping in Singapore
This is an introductory exercise on Estimation and Approximation

Objective: to create awareness on the use of estimation and approximation in the real world.

  • Individually complete the following task assign to you
  • Find information relevant to the given issue presented
  • Present your findings in a simple, 1 page presentation (you may use any media/form)

Key to note:
The presentation should show the following:
  • estimated value/s
  • the assumption/s that you have made
  • your brief reflection on the seriousness of the issue presented.

Upload your 1 page presentation:


Environmental Awareness : Minimise usage of paper and save the earth!

Resource: click here


NEWater – the Singapore Story

Resource: click here


Tipping in Restaurant : A culture or customer's rights!

Resource: click here


Abstain from eating Shark fins soup: Save the Sharks !

Resource: click here


The Potential Danger : SARS alert!

Resource: click here


  1. for inspiration you may refer to S102 Maths Blog

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  3. I think Si Yuan 1-09 on SARs presentation is very nice as it has little text and one picture can display what you wan to say but i feel that maybe you can make people feel the danger of sars through the picture though.

    Ng Kok Yin s108

  4. Clarabelle Ang [108]
    NewWater By Michelle From 109
    - The poster was nice and the information was well stated out. It was not very wordy but she did not state the source she got the information from.

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  6. Done a great job in doing the posters, fantastic and interesting content. However, I would like to point out a mistake. Where did you got those pictures from? Please acknowledge your sources.

    Aaron Sng S1-08 ( 18 )

  7. Trees:(Benjamin 1-09 on Environmental Awareness)

    i suggest that you could put the source of the information or pictures.
    I suggest that you could put the picture image to the background of the pages.

    From:ONG BING JUE S108 16

  8. Lim Mei Zhi Michelle (1-08)
    Newater project done by Michelle of 1-09
    - The poster was done very neatly, and the information given was useful to us, who are reading the poster, knowing more about NEWater.

    - Although the whole poster was good, but she did not state the source where the information came from.

  9. All the works are well done,with good information about the respective issues.However,the sources where the information and pictures were taken from are not listed.

    Celine S1-08

  10. nicely done but where are the sources?

    zach 张

  11. For the presentation on the first issue, by Benjamin, It has been presented neatly and in an organised manner. Reading it, I can easily understand the facts. Also, it is good as he has added a sense of humour and makes the presentation interesting.

  12. Well done 109...nice work! But you haven't cite your sources.
    -Wee Ren Chang

  13. Great work and effort,please put the source.

    Kristin Chai,Class 1-08

  14. commenting on project done by Hardy 1-09 on Tipping in Singapore

    There are too many words and there are not really any estimations you should add more pictures and numbers to make the powerpoint more interesting

  15. The project done by Benjamin 1-09 on Environmental Awareness is great and straight forward it is easy to understand. The ending does leave a great impact on the readers. A good poster.

  16. I think Stacy's presentation on SARS is very clear and the estimation is good. The picture match the content well. The source of the image was stated too. Good job!

    Kang Yan

  17. I especially like Benjamin and Michelle's work, very simple

  18. I am commenting on Stacey's poster

    Stacey's poster first attracted me among others as her poster is colourful and not plain.
    Her poster also shows the important information.
    One improvement she can make is to add picture to attract more people to read it.

  19. Benjamin's, his has a serious tone in the middle and at the end he tries to crack a joke, he has done all the pointers for the project. But the sources are not stated.

  20. I am commenting on Hardy's one. The layout is exceptionally pleasing to the eye. However, the poster is bombarded by too many text and words. It will be better if there was just a picture and a slogan like example: McDonalds I'm lovin it it will be better. However, this is hard, squeezing the message into a few text. Work Hard Hardy!!! :)

  21. Seah Jit Sheng 108

    NeWater from michelle 109

    I think that it was well done as we can understand the passage as it is not too wordy but where are the sources?

  22. project done by Benjamin 1-09 on Environmental Awareness:

    The amount of figures are comprehensive such that it is able to convince people to save paper, so I think the poster is good:)