Thursday, March 4, 2010

Suggestion on how to manage myself in order to create a conducive learning environment in a Maths class

Suggest way/s on how I, as a critical member of 1-09, could play a part in making my class a conducive teaching and learning environment in the following format
1. 1 contribution from myself
2. 1 contribution from the class


  1. 1. I can pay attention in class and follow whatever the teacher says. If he/she says put the macbook down, I would close it and do not further disappoint the teacher.

    2. The class could listen to the teacher more often instead of correcting minor errors done by the teacher and also instead of interrupting the lesson/teacher.

    -Michelle Dapito

  2. 1. I would to pay attention to the speaker and not do my own stuff.

    2. Do not talk stuff unrelated to the subject and be respectful to others. Be considerate to others that really care about this stuff.

  3. 1. Be respectful and pay attention to the teacher and follow the teacher's instructions.

    2. Pay attention to the teacher and ask relevant questions.


  4. I can stay focussed on the current lesson and contribute whatever I know to the subject and understand and evaluate the concepts of the given topic.

    The class can show some RESPECT to the teacher and their peers for all to be able to learn. We came to this school to learn and not cause havoc. All for one and one for all.

    -Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

  5. 1.I can help by listening and paying attention in class. I should not be distracted by my peers or other object. I should also pass up my work on time too.
    2.The class can contribute by working together to maintain silence and not create any distraction, so everybody will listen attentively to the speaker

  6. I, Preston Ngoui Yong Zhau, as a critical member of 1-09, would:
    1. Learn to control myself in class and respect the teacher always,
    2. Learn to control our emotions and feelings so that we could continue our lessons in a happy and fun way.

    Preston Ngoui

  7. 1. Only one person in class is allowed to talk at a time, and we must listen to this speaker and pay attention to him.

    2. Be fully involved in all activities or projects.

    3. Show respect to our friends and the speaker in every possible way.

    4. We must not be involved in any other activities other then the activity given, we must also stay focused in class.

  8. I could contribute relevant ideas and take part in all classroom activities to facilitate a conductive learning environment as a member of 1-09.

    Everyone can take responsibility. For example, when someone is talking to the class, we should give him or her the respect by either stop what we are currently doing or simply just closing our learning devices. With these simple actions, the class can move on and progress faster to create a more conducive learning environment.

    ~Jia Le~

  9. I, as a critical member of 1-09 would :

    1. Will learn to listen to the teacher when someone is talking to me and not bother what my friend is saying to me .
    2. Pay attention during lesson and close their learning devices when teacher is teaching or talking.

  10. 1: Listen and not make unnecessary comments to disrupt the lesson. Do not utilize the Macbook unless necessary.
    2: Clear your mind of all unnecessary thoughts and focus only on the task at hand to improve performance. Do not use the Macbook unless necessary

  11. 1.)Myself-Do not talk unnecessarily and do not open the macbook unnecessarily.

    2.)Class-Pay attention to the teacher and follow the teacher's instructions.

  12. 1. I could give my fullest attention to my teacher in class and not do anything else.

    2. I say that we(the class) will have to control ourselves and understand that there is only little time to learn in class and appreciate the time that we have with our teacher.

  13. -I can refrain myself from talking unnecessarily like, I will not talk at the wrong time and when others talk to me when the teacher is talking, I will not talk to them

    -The other pupils can also refrain themselves from talking unnecessarily.

  14. 1. I can listen to the teacher so I will know what to do in the future and when the teacher asks me to close up my macbook, I will do so.
    2. The class can be quiet and let the teacher speak before giving comments and raise their hands to give suggestions, ask questions or answer them.

  15. I could pay full attention to the teacher when he is speaking and stop all other activities. I could also tell others to do the same.
    The class could be more serious, and not talk nonsense anytime. The class should not tell silly jokes when the time is serious(in fact, the class could stop telling silly jokes altogether as they get the class side-tracked easily).

  16. I, as a critical member of class 109 would:

    1.I could remind others to pay attention during class. I could remind others to close their computer whenever anybody is talking.

    2.We could remind each other to keep quiet during class. We will remind each other to only allow one person at a time to talk.

  17. How i can contribute) Listen to the person who is speaking about more important articles.
    How the class can contribute) Do not distract others.

  18. 1) I can contribute by not disrupting the class and paying attention to the speaker(teachers, friends, others). When I do something wrong, the first and most important thing to do is to say sorry to the class for disrupting the lesson and also to the teacher as well, after that make sure that I do not do it anymore. Another important thing is to think about why the action I've done is wrong and also in what ways is it wrong. And also think of the consequences of doing it. If i don't think it in this way, I will be immature and this will affect what people think of me and very likely to affect my future(it will be hard for me to find a job).
    2) I think that the class can help by respecting the teacher by paying attention and not using the macbook when the teacher is speaking unless the teacher says so. They also can help by not getting to carried away by jokes. It's ok to joke but not to the extent of causing the lesson to not be able to be continued.


  19. The contribution from myself is to close my macbooks when not needed and tell the person to keep quiet if he or she is talking at the wrong time.

    The contribution from the class is that we could all listen to the teacher attentively or anybody who talking in front of the class. We can also pick up any litter that we see on the floor.

  20. 1.Listen in class and not disrupt the teacher when talking including,using of laptops only when the teacher ask.Do not say or talk about unessential things.
    2.Keeping quiet when teacher is teaching or telling the class important things.

  21. 1. Pay attention to the teacher and do not do any thing that might distract the class's attention away from the teacher.

    2. Do not ask anything that is not relevant to the things the teacher is teaching.

  22. 1.) It is by paying attention in class not only by keeping unnecessary items under the desk so that is would not be a distraction from the lesson, thus being more attentive but also by keeping quiet.
    2.) They could keep quiet so that the lesson can be heard clearly and also by helping others to point out what they are doing wrong if they do not notice so that they could quickly change.

  23. The comment entries show clearly that 1-09 has the maturity and sensibility to know and do what is right! The class has come a long way since secondary one orientation.
    It is important that as a community we remind each other of the 4Rs - Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Reflection. We are accountable for our very own actions as well as the actions of others within this community.
    I am greatly heartened by your rational comments and now the critical thing is to be able to 'walk the talk' or put our words into action. I am very sure that with the support from one another, we will be able to grow from strength to strength.

    Mr Jo