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Geometry 2

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source: e-learning Mathematics activity
Task 2

Now go to 102 Maths blog and comment on the posting by the students on the following question:
Please follow the appropriate protocol in giving comment:
.1 no malicious comment
.2 must be responsible for your own comment - identify yourself
.3 focus on the process and answer not the person
.4 focus on the concept and the explanation given - check clarity and understanding

work to comment on
a. Lionel
b. Goh Jia Sheng

reference: Properties of Quadrilateral

Recapitulation of Questions posted for your reference
Choose either 1: Question 2 or Question 3 or Question 4

Question 2:
Which of the given statements is correct? Justify your answer/s with examples.

A ) A square and a parallelogram are quadrilaterals.
B ) Opposite sides of a square and a parallelogram are parallel.
C ) A trapezoid has one pair of parallel sides.
D ) All the above

Question 3:

A quadrilateral is drawn on a piece of paper. It has one pair of opposite sides equal in length, the other pair not equal in length, and a pair of opposite angles that are supplementary1. Identify this figure, and justify your answer with reasons.

' sum of two angles equals 180degrees'

Question 4:
‘All parallelograms are squares?’ Do you agree with this statement?
Justify your answer with example/s.

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