Thursday, September 30, 2010

geometry 3

posted by Mr Johari

Task 1
Find the definition of the following
(a) line bisector
(b) angle bisector

Task 2
Watch the following videos and learn how a line is bisected
Video 1

Video 2

Task 3
Complete the worksheet on CONSTRUCTION.

(a) TASK 1: To construct: an angle of 60°.

(b) TASK 2: To construct: the angle bisector of a given angle.

(c) TASK 3: To construct: A line through R perpendicular to PQ.

(d) TASK 4: To construct: A line through R parallel to PQ.

(e) TASK 5: To construct: A line 3 cm from PQ and parallel to PQ.


  1. (a) line bisector - A line that intersects a line in †he middle and split it into two equal lines.
    (b) angle bisector -A line passing through the vertex of the angle that cuts it into two equal smaller angles.

  2. Definition of
    Line bisecting: A line that divides a line into two equal parts.
    Angle bisecting: Dividing an angle into two equal parts.

  3. A line bisector is defined as divided into two equal lengths.
    A angle bisector divides a angle into two smaller equal angles